Calibre Full Marine Film Face IS 4990 Shuttering Plywood (12 To 14 Repetition) (12MM, 34Kg)

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Min. Qty
10 Pieces
Sply. Capacity
100 Pieces / day
TypePlywoodsBrandCalibre ModelFull Marine Plywood TypeShuttering Plywood CertificationIS 4990 GradePF - Marine

Calibre Full Marine Film Face Shuttering Plywood is BWP (Boiling water proof) grade plywood treated with preservatives mainly used for concrete purpose. It withstands the loads and forces encountered during the pouring of concrete and vibrations.

Common Uses: Construction, Repair and Maintenance of Buildings, Bridges, Beams, Fly-overs, heavy commercial Vehicle and truck Bodies, Roofing, water tanks, cooling towers, building, metro rail track projects, lofts, flyovers and mezzanine floors.

34Kg variant can be used upto 14-18 repetition

40Kg variant can be used upto 16-20 repetition