Calibre Prime 100% Hardwood MR IS 1659 Grade Block Board (8x4)

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Min. Qty
10 Pieces
Sply. Capacity
250 Pieces / day
TypeLaminated Wood Boards / BlockboardsBrandCalibre ModelPrime GradeFirst-Class CertificationIS 1659 Material100% Hardwood Timber BaseThickness19MM

Prime Commercial Grade (MR) Hardwood Block Board is manufactured from chemically treated selected seasoned timber batons bonded with fortified urea formaldehyde synthetic resin which results better strength and low toxic emission. These Batons are sandwiched between two glued mechanically dried veneers and pressed in hot press under standard temperature and pressure, results superior grade of hardwood block board. Treated chemically to get protection from biological degradation. Making Prime hardwood block board the best and most economical purchase in this category.