Calibre Prime MR 100% Hardwood IS 303 Grade Plywood (7x4, 12MM)

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1,680 / Sheet
Min. Qty
10 Sheets
Sply. Capacity
250 Sheets / day
TypePlywoodsBrandCalibre ModelPrime UsageIndoor GradeFirst-Class Plywood TypeMR Grade Plywood CertificationIS 303 Material100% Hardwood Timber Base
Calibre’s Prime Commercial Plywood (MR) made up with superior grade of 100% hardwood & high quality Gurjan face veneer bonded with synthetic Urea Formaldehyde (UF) resin under high temperature and pressure. It is the best suitable interior application, where the plywood is exposed to moderate level of moisture. Prime MR Plywood offers you good quality plywood that will last you for long time.